From Erin -

Eric, this new shell is amazing! It looks and feels very natural. You have literally made my life easier. Thank you so much for once again going above and beyond.

From T.P. -

Thanks to you Eric, my life has now changed for the better. You worked diligently to make my eye perfect. You are truly the best!

From Josh -

"Getting lots of compliments and lots of 'something's different about you...' It's much more comfortable than the eye [another ocularist] made for me, and much more realistic..." Read more

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We are now serving patients in Las Vegas. Please click to see our Las Vegas website.

We have been serving patients in the Sacramento Area and beyond, providing impression-fitted, hand-sculptured and hand-painted ocular prostheses (artificial eyes) for over 50 years.

We are skilled in the fitting of thin shell prostheses (scleral shell prostheses) over blind, disfigured eyes (phthisis bulbi).

We are also experienced with "state of the art" orbital implants such as the coralline hydroxyapatite (Bio-Eye), Medpor and all pegging systems.

We strive to provide the best results and will spare no effort to accomplish this goal.

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