We provide prosthetic solutions for the following cases:

  Case Description Prosthetic Solutions
Enucleation/Evisceration Eye or eye contents are removed and volume is replaced with an implant.
Ocular prosthesis Ocular prosthesis photo
Phthisis bulbi Non functioning, disfigured eye remains in orbit.
Scleral shell
(a thin ocular
worn over
damaged eye)
Scleral shell photo
Pediatric patient Babies or small children with microphthalmic or anophthalmic sockets.
Serially larger conformers Serial conformers photo
Glaucoma with drain and conjunctival flap A flap of conjunctiva tissue is grafted over a sensitive cornea. Certain surgical work affecting the surface of the eye may require a specialized shell prosthesis. In such cases, we use a slit lamp and a clear Preliminary Fit Evaluation (PFE) shell to view and preserve any delicate surgical work.
Clear PFE shell PFE shell photo
Exenteration Eyelids and all orbital contents are removed.
Orbital prosthesis Orbital prosthesis photo